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Nikki & Rhonda featured in Southern Living Magazine

Nikki Mitchell and Rhonda Miles

On July 4, 1998, Nikki Mitchell and Rhonda Miles climbed aboard their Maule M-5, a single engine tail wheel aircraft, and flew it from Nashville to Moscow. From there they retraced the 1938 flight of the Russian plane "Rodina"  (which means "Motherland") flying side by side in formation with two other Russian aircraft.
After completing the commemoration, Rhonda and Nikki continued to fly, leaving the Russian Airspace across the Bering Sea.  Forty nine days later and 15,000 miles, they returned home to Nashville after circling the Northern Hemisphere.

Their mission was one with purpose. Sixty years ago three Russian women set a world record when they flew non-stop from Moscow to the southeastern tip of Siberia. These women pilots opened up the route through the region and became a celebrated part of aviation history. When their journey finally ended in the Far East, Valentina Grizodubova, Paulina Ossipenko and Marina Raskova had conquered a 6,000km non-stop flight. And they did it despite the worst of weather and a failing radio.

Nikki and Rhonda have been presented with the FAA's Top Flight Award for outstanding contributions to General Aviation and the Ambassadors for Aviation recognition they earned during the Bridge of Wings globe circling flight This is the first FAA Top Flight; Award given in the Southern Region. Congratulations Nikki and Rhonda...


Please contact Nikki and Rhonda if you would like information about their speaking tour:

Nikki & Rhonda

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