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Nikki and her "redneck door locks"

East Coast of Greenland

The Blue Lagoon Fight - Rhonda and Nikki trying to decide who goes first

Approaching Faroe Island

Nikki and her Bergen friends, "I told you Nikki is friendly"

"And you thought we were travelling alone"

Nikki, Rhonda, Natassia, Terrie and May Adair (documentary crew) in back of cab in Moscow (Don't Ask!)

Mary Beth on the ramp with a bunch of AN-2's"

Nikki in the Yak 18 going to Moscow from Saint Petersburg

Saint Basil's Cathedral in Red Square

A few of the AN-2 mechanics

Natassia in the cockpit of the Russian AN-2

Natassia and engineer getting the AN-2 ready

Russian Engineer who was inspired by Nikki's photograh

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