Escorted by Tom Mittnacht from the American Embassy, we met with Guennady Velikotsky, head of the International Branch of the Federal Aviation Authority of the Russian Federation. Along with Khalide, Natassia, and Inna our translator, he explained the steps that we need to take to make this flight a smooth one through Russia.

Our next meeting was with Oleg Yermolov, the head of the committee for this flight, and a Military General. We discussed fuel delivery, route, and the choice of the Russian aircraft. They have chosen an Antonov-2 to fly. As for the Russian regulation stating that a foreign aircraft must have a Russian navigator/translator in the aircraft while in Russian airspace, we will be in compliance because we had decided to have a Russian/American in each aircraft.

Our final meeting on this day was with Albert Nazarov, Director of the National Aero Club of Russia. This is the Aero Club that Marina Roskova flew out of in the 30’s and also the one that Khalide flys out of. We discussed with him the many ways they could help and support this flight.