Tom Clark picked us up at 6:30AM, so we could head out early. We want to get as far as we can today. We’ve been joking about flying into Bowling Green, Kentucky on Friday night so we would only have 50 miles to go on Saturday. We could sleep late. Just Kidding !!! Our first stop was in Missoula, Montana. On the east side, the mountains are smaller and more spread out. These are Nikki’s kind of mountains. Lots of wing room and places to land every now and then. She said that I could move to Alaska and she would move to Montana. The mountains I like are different than the ones she likes. We decided to overnight in Pierre, South Dakota.. (Nikki just gave me a piece of a candy bar after she pinched the part she ate off. How soon she forgets the week in Siberia that we shared the same toothbrush)….. You know, when we were in Russia in April, we had dinner with one of the team of twelve who first crossed the Bering Strait on skis. He told us that after the adventure, the friendships ended badly. I have got to say, I cannot understand. I think Nikki and I are closer than before. We have never had a problem. We laugh, work, talk, and cry together. This friendship has grown with each day. All the kidding in the journal has been with complete approval from her. (Gold Seal of Nikki Approval)…But we still have 2 days left. You might just walk up to the plane and there we are, choking each other… BRING YOUR CAMERAS !!!!!!