We were smart this morning. We woke before the dogs. The van took us to the airport after Nikki said her good-byes over a cup of coffee to the French waiter. I had to remind her of the long flight across water and limit her to one cup. Mosquitoes were everywhere as we loaded up. I thought I was back standing in a rice field in Arkansas holding a flag. We departed Iqaluit and headed towards Nuuk, Greenland. We changed our route from Sondrestrom last night, because we are female and we can do these things. No really, we talked to some of the local pilots that fly this all the time and got all kinds of suggestions from them. We have been talking to everyone about these different areas. Who knows better than the guys that live here. Everyone has told us about flying over long distances of water. We have heard about the noises that you hear in your engine and the roughness that you swear starts right out of sight of land. All the odd things that your mind can think up. Especially when you look up and see nothing but water. Then you do a 360 degree turn and find nothing but water on all sides of you. WOW !! But you know, I can honestly say that I didn’t have any of those sensations today. I don’t know if it is because I am my Father’s child or maybe I was just too busy holding the paper bag that Nikki was hyperventilating into. You never know !!

Well, I think we did pretty good on the radio too. I only had to say “Now, what did you say” 4 times. God Bless the Southern Accent… I am telling you though, if you ever get the chance to do a flight like this, you will love it. When we started seeing Greenland, boy, it was Great…. Amazing !! Beautiful !! A lot of “look at this” “no, Look at that” “hand me the video camera” “hand me the digital, now the 35mm”… We were slapping stuff all over that cockpit. I forget who was flying at that time. “Oh, I was….” There was a fog bank off the coast that was beautiful.. We landed at the coastal airport and parked. We had called and arranged for customs to meet us but as in Canada, we seem so sweet and innocent over the phone, the agent never shows up.. If you know us, then you know this is true..
We left Mary Beth, the only small plane on the ramp, tied to 2 HUGE 1/2 barrels of concrete. We called a cab to take us to the hotel. All the cabs here are either VW’s or Mercedes. Ours was a Mercedes with a Visa machine connected to his cell phone… All the buildings in Nuuk are colored either red, blue, green, or yellow. Very bright here.. Haven’t figured out the price of fuel yet, but for only $200.00 a night, you too can sleep on a twin feather bed and have an ashtray hanging on the wall by the toilet. Now, if this one only rocked too……..