OK, so we dumped all our stuff on Mikey and Jeremy so that we could take-off below gross and fly 19NM to Keflavik, load up and take off over gross for Norway or Scotland. Now, we walked out of our room with a computer and 2 toothbrushes. We look at times like Chevy Chase in European Vacations. Last night we checked in and found the elevator. Pushed the button, started running our mouths, pushed the button, ran our mouths, pushed the button, ran our mouths. About 7 minutes later Nikki looked down and opened the elevator up. Wondered why everyone looked at us! When we got to Keflavik, we went to the Iceland Air Dispatch Office to check weather. Now out the window was Mary Beth at Gate # 4 parked side by side to a 757. People were looking out the window with looks on their face like “That’s not our plane and surely those aren’t our pilots!”.

The guys at Iceland Air were great. Later, we will have pictures of them (When the computer problem is worked out) We didn’t like the weather at Scotland, Norway was OK but we needed a fuel stop to meet our personal minimums. I have never wanted to go to the Faroe Islands because of the weather possibilities and the terrain there. The Iceland Air guys verified all my reasons for this. They really discourage it. Unless it is perfectly clear with no chance for crud. So another night in Keflavik. We drove out to the Blue Lagoon since we were going to be here another day. This is the geyser hot baths. Fantastic. Just about lost Nikki there. We decided that if we bleached Nikki’s hair and put blue contacts on here, she could fit in with her white skin. We have not seen anything but beautiful people here. Now we know why this is getting to be one of the top vacation spots in the world. Of course, Nikki wants a house here too but I have insisted that she finish this flight first before she locks on to one place.