We slept like logs last night. We also looked like it this morning. Jenns came to the hotel and said he had a reporter coming at 6 PM and some friends and his wife coming at 2:30 for lunch. That gave us a few hours to hit the streets. Cobblestone streets, open markets, ships, and mountains. It was great. Now, Nikki and I were looking so hard at everything we forgot to remember the street where the hotel was. So at 2:15, we were wandering around kind of lost. (Just a little). We knew the hotel was on a corner and it had beds in it. Across the street were 2 guys sitting on a bench. Nikki smiled and waved, (she is a friendly sort), they waved back. Now remember, we’re wandering the streets of Bergen, Norway. Both of the guys got up and started walking towards us. Nikki said, “I’ll just ask them where the hotel is”. One of the guys grabbed her hand and said “Oh, Nikki, so good to see you.” Seem he is a Waylon fan and has been to Waylon’s office in Nashville before and met Nikki. (I just thought for a second, “Boy, she really is popular) You never know with the Nik. By the time we collected everyone, we had 8 people going to eat. Waylon, you really do have some loyal fans in Norway. We rode a train to the top of the mountain (one of them), did the picture taking thing and then went to eat. While the Norwegians explained how they cook a sheep’s head and how to eat it, (suck the eyeballs out, too) Nikki and I sat with our menus. Nikki pointed out the horse meat,. Horse meat, sheep’s head. So many decisions. We both had veggies. I must say, they were good.

After dinner, we went to the Bergen Aero Club out at the airport. When we walked in, there was a picture of Nikki and I on the wall, with a Norwegian article about us. Seems, they already had heard about us and were prepared (No, the previous airports did NOT call ahead and warn them). They had cake and coffee for us and were so nice. They said that this was the first time they had seen 2 females come through on their way to finish a big trip like this. But they did say the guy that landed on Red Square stopped there on his way to Russia. They were so nice and even put Mary Beth in the hangar for the night. Weather watching tomorrow! (Rain and fog today) Computer store in the morning (got to get back on-line) (Help Skippy). We have decided to skip Stockholm and go straight to Helsinki when we get a break in the weather.