Up at 8 AM! How many times have you been in a hotel and your wake-up call comes, you pick up the phone and what you hear is a Rooster crowing? Trust me, the novelty wears off by the first “Err, Err, Err.” I think I heard Nikki throw the phone up against the wall the 2nd day. We are really burned about the computer. It was so great to connect every night and check in with everyone. But we’ll keep faxing.. Sigmund came to the hotel to tell us that a Broadcasting Company wanted to interview us but we really didn’t have time. We needed to go to the Computer Shop and the Airport to check the weather. Bad weather moving in and we want to get on the road. Can’t miss our window of entry into Russia on the 23rd. We dropped the computer off and went to the airport. The Bergen Aero Club had given us a key to their building, so we had access to Mary Beth. Mikey and Jeremy had changed the oil and aired up the tail wheel. She was ready to go again. So were we after checking the weather. Messy stuff moving in. Bergen has been so friendly, drivers every day, dinner, sight seeing and then the ultimate. The newspaper reporter offered to print in the article our martial status for the Norwegian men. I kept telling Nikki that there were many benefits to this trip. She agrees. There sure are a lot of accents over here. We decided to skip Sweden but it is VFR so we can see the country as we fly over it. I’m really afraid to stop. Nikki can’t afford another house. Before leaving Bergen, we were told that there was heavy firing by military on part of our route. I guess we would be a slow enough target for them. During the time we were in that area, we got a little carb. icing. Nikki decided it wasn’t icing, it was “Missile Wind”. Whatever Missile Wind is! You really have to know Nikki to understand. The flight to Helsinki has been great. I am writing some of this in the air. We are looking forward to 2 days in Finland. I’m going to sleep till I wake up. (No Roosters) (No Sled Dogs) Heaven! (Just Nikki and her sleep sounds and drool)… How’s that, L. Man? You know, at this time, 334 NM out of Helsinki, we are 3,855 NM direct to Lebanon, Tennessee. We were just told to contact Stockholm Control. Nikki looked up bug eyed and said “My Gosh, we’re half way around the world from home.” Do you think she just now figured that out? But, you what? I’m kind of proud of the girl. I think she has grown some testosterone since we left Lebanon. I just caught her yawning as we flew across the 136 NM of water between Sweden and Finland. She just might come back home walking with a swagger!

We had to shoot the ILS into Helsinki at about 10:30 PM. 5 hours and 20 minutes from Bergen. After checking the hotel we caught a cab and had a $38.00 dinner. That’s the cab and the McDonalds sandwiches. When you’re hungry price is secondary.