Well, I stayed up last night putting photos on floppy disc, so I could Fed-Ex them to Faye Gaddy, who we have to thank for our Web Site. Give her a pat on the back. Again, Nikki went to sleep. She was so tired, she started talking in her sleep. I was writing down everything she said because I didn’t want to forget it. I even tried to coax the conversation a little. She said “Did I doodle to the toodle” “Tiddle Tiddle” “O.K. I was just wondering if were were there.” I was cracking up. earlier in the night, she woke herself up with one of those uncontrollable noise releases (from the mouth). The one that everyone has heard their Mom do while they nap on the couch. You know the one “much like a Goose Honk.”

We had decided that we were going to sleep as long as we could this morning, but at 8:30 am the phone rang. It was Khalide (one of the Russian Pilots). I must have been talking like I was till asleep because she asked if she should call back in 30 minutes after I woke up. She was working on our flight plan into Russia with Guennady Velikosky.

We leave Helsinki on the morning of the 23rd while you guys are still sleeping. Helsinki is 8 hours ahead and Moscow is 9 hours. Khalide and Natasha will meet us in St. Petersburg and after customs, escort into Moscow. After hanging up, we slept until 1 PM. Felt so good. We were tired. As of last, we have been gone 16 days and flown 53.8 hours. longest day was 10.1 hours. Total legs across North Atlantic was 16.2 hours. Not too bad. Well, we are banned from the internet now. No looking at the we site, no e-mail. I really don’t know how we are going to keep up with ourselves without it. I fax the updates and Fed-Exed some photos on a floppy today. So the photos will come later than the updates. Also, when we hit Russia, we will be able to fax in Moscow but I don’t know about after Moscow. So, I will keep up with the journal and may have to send all of the Siberian updates from Nome. So hang in there with us because, trust me, it will be interesting and don’t worry if you don’t hear from us for a week or so. We’re still doing our thing. (you just may not know what our thing is at the time)