Well, I’ll have no problem getting Nikki out of Helsinki. We have found someplace that she doesn’t want to live. We haven’t found anything real intriguing about this place. Last night at dinner, a couple of Helsinki men hung over the booth asking questions about the flight but didn’t understand WHY. Sometimes it is hard to explain. Then one of them wanted Nikki to cancel flying so she could drink with “Beautiful Helsinki Men.” Yeah, RIGHT. Folks, I was there too and I saw NO Beautiful. Just drunk! We just kept saying ” check please.”

This morning we went to the airport to find a Flight Service Station. We checked the weather for tomorrow going to Moscow then filed our flight plan with our permission number on it. We needed to clean out Mary Beth, so we walked from the domestic terminal all the way around to the Business Flight Center. There she sat all alone, way out on the ramp. We cleaned her up and headed back to the hotel after scheduling the $4.50 a gallon fuel.

We dumped some stuff out at the hotel and headed to Helsinki to prowl around. Nikki and I have have had to find things to entertain ourselves here, so we have at times gotten pretty stupid. Like sitting in the back of a cab doing the strange howling type noise that Nikki does when she is terrified. The cab driver didn’t speak English and kept looking in the mirror while we howled in the back seat. I noticed he drove a little faster with every how, especially when Nikki did those jerking moves! He just didn’t get the humor.

Well, we did all of our last minute details on the phone today before we hit Russia. Made sure the FSS had our permission number, checked our email by phone through Marsha at Cracker Barrel, (Stan, don’t blush), made sure Leigh (works with Nikki) got her ticket to Alaska set up, had Stan schedule a mechanic in Fairbanks to remove the ferry tank and made him also promise to pick up Leigh if we got stuck in Russia past the 12th of August. Most important, Nikki had to again become a natural brunette. Now we are ready to go. Ready to se Mikey, Jeremy, Doug Dawson, Terrie Lawrence, and May Adair Kaiser in Moscow. See you guys later…