Nikki is helping me with this days journal. She is afraid that I will write more about her sleep habits. (She really was drooling last night)… Today, we got up early and went to the airport to meet David Diamonds’ 3rd grade class. They are called “Diamonds Gems”. They brought with them, Little Buddy, the stuffed bear.. We had a great time meeting the kids that we have been e-mailing for the last 9 months. We took lots of pictures and hugged lots of kids. Then off to Bangor,Maine. The weather so far has been I.F.R. (Instrument Flight Rules). We met a really nice man at the airport, Jim Patten, who bought us our first Lobster Sandwich. Nikki is eating like it is her last meal before Siberia. I’m worried about our weight and balance. More tomorrow…………..