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The Rodina

Sixty years ago three Russian women set a world record  when they flew non-stop from Moscow to the  southeastern tip of Siberia. These women pilots opened  up the route through the region and became a celebrated  part of aviation history. When their journey finally ended  in the Far East, Valentina Grizodubova, Paulina   Ossipenko and Marina Raskova had conquered a 6,000  km non-stop flight.

They were an inspiration around the world then, and today they remain models of determination and bravery to pilots all over the world. Russia honored them with the country's highest award, the Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet union, and navigator Marina Raskova went on to form the all-women combat regiments whose members served as bomber and fighter pilots in World War II.

Pictured Above: Valentina Grizodubova, Paulina Ossipenko & Marina Raskova


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