Up to a cruddy day. Yesterday was great but today not. We do have to thank a couple of people we met in Anadyr. Clemens Meuleman from California. first, thanks for sharing your Russian Navigator escort and second, thanks for sounding so good with that great English. Pavel Kolomytseu (Russian navigator Escort), thanks for being our spokesperson and helping with the paperwork. We busted out of Anadyr in the soup and headed home. We elected to go to Gambell and then Nome. As usual, an uneventful flight across the Bering Sea. We landed in Nome about 8;30 PM and Nikki was trying real hard not to jump out and kiss the ground. Nome radio said “Taxi under the flag and come upstairs, I have lots of numbers for you to call. Everyone is looking for you.” When we got upstairs, Stan was on the phone and a printout of our Webster was on the counter. Good to be back on U.S. soil. We left Nome about 1 1/2 hours later headed to Fairbanks. So guys, we are back in the good ole USA and relaxing for a few days with some Alaskan friends and meeting new ones. Ash, Justin, etc…. So, read the long awaited updates and I’ll get back with you later. We are going to Denali, Anchorage, King Salmon and anywhere else that sounds good.