Because of weather, we left Sept-iles about 2pm headed toward the North.. Had about 4,000′ ceilings but a beautiful day.. We stopped in Schefferville, Quebec for fuel and to stretch our legs. And stretch our legs we did. Back and forth across the airport ramp trying to find someone for fuel.. Nikki finally found a phone with a number to call. After calling, we waited at the plane for about 15 minutes. Then our fuel arrived in a 45 gallon barrel in the back of a plumbing truck. After unloading the barrel, the guy had to break into a building to get a hand pump to use. He pumped and I worked the hose while Nikki tilted the barrel for that last drop of $6.00 a gallon fuel. We wanted it all. He told us that they never pump for the pilots but when he saw we were women, he didn’t know what to do so he just pumped.. Then he took Nikki off in the truck to pay. (with a credit card)…. Then he wanted us to stay there overnight so he could take us (Nikki) out for a beer. He pointed way down the road at the building between two flags. As with the disco and the cab driver, we declined.. It gets lonely out here. We left there and headed out. Over 400 miles of nothing but Marshlands…. And Nikki was worried about the flight over the North Atlantic.. I kept pushing the “nearest airport” feature on the G.P.S. and it said “Schefferville” until our destination airport was 1 mile closer than Schefferville. Nothing out there. We wanted to make it to Frobisher Bay (Iqaluit) but when we got the weather, we decided to stop in Kuujjaq. This stop was a most interesting one. The cab driver took us to the Kuujjaq Inn to check in and fortunately he also owned a small eatery and called his cook over the radio and ordered our supper. When we checked in, the clerk said we were very lucky to be there and he thought we would have a good time because the ARMY was in town. The only lounge in town was at the Inn. We walked into our room to find scraps of pizza all over the place.. We changed rooms.. Both, the guy at Flight Service and the Cab Driver told us to be VERY VERY careful tonight. Lock our doors, etc.etc…… So we took our dinner in from “Chesters” (the best chicken sandwich we have ever had) and locked ourselves in for the night.. Nikki really took the guys serious and drug 2 cots out of the closet and stuck them under the doorknob.. I prayed we didn’t have a fire, we’d never get out.. She proceeded to do the bathroom thing… I heard her hollering from the bathroom, she was trying to ride the toilet. She said she had never had to try to ride the toilet like a horse.. Later on, I found out what she was talking about. When you sat down, it was like an old rocking horse of a child’s.. Tired and full of a great supper, we bedded down for the night with the ARMY marching in the halls and upstairs, the 4-wheelers running around the Inn, a diesel truck running under our window and lots of laughing in the lounge.. Late in the night I woke up to Nikki fumbling with the phone.. She said she was going to call the manager, someone was beating on our door. I told her that it wasn’t beating, it was gunshots.. She said “Oh, OK, Goodnight”……….