Nikki is asleep again. Darn it !! I guess I have to do the journal again, ALONE….. You would think that she would learn… We woke up in Kuujjaq to the sound of rain outside. This was definitely an improvement over the night before. The cab came and got us for breakfast and then dropped us at the airport. The rain had stopped and we went into the Flight Service to check the weather to Iqaluit, (Frobisher Bay).. Ceilings at Kuujjaq were about 3,500′ and Iqaluit was calling for VFR with a 30% possibility of overcast at 800 and 2 miles of visibility.. We fueled up and headed out. There are 4 airstrips between Kuujjaq and the 100 miles of water before Iqaluit. We could check weather along the way. It rained on us most of the way to the last of those 4 airstrips. Nikki had to fly while I kept dozing off. I guess the gunshots, diesel truck, marching Army, and other noises took their toll. About 15 miles over the water, the overcast stopped and we had clear skies the rest of the way. Dark blue water with a little ice in it. Beautiful… I hope the leg from Iqaluit to Greenland will be like that. We have a map or two in the cockpit somewhere and 3 cameras and all the film and batteries… Wow at the shots. We can’t wait till we get to Greenland and the fiordes.. The winds at Iqaluit were right down the runway and 20 knots gusting to 25. Landed behind a departing Gulf Stream headed for San Juan. Found a spot to park and a real nice guy to give us a ride into town. While we were talking to him, I noticed that Nikki had dried blood on her face. I reached over and wiped it off, only to find it was Tomato Potato Chips. You just can’t take her anywhere. Our ride gave us his phone numbers if we needed anything. We have been going to bed pretty early. I think the last few months of working of this flight has caught up with us. So we have not pushed ourselves. We could have made Greenland today but decided that a soft bed would be the better choice.. (Happy, Stan??) Weather check in the morning for a flight to Greenland…….