OK, she’s asleep now… We can talk about today’s events… We woke up this morning to, not the sounds of a rooster crowing at daybreak, but the sounds of 50 sled dogs barking and growling.. Nikki sat up in bed and said “GOOD GOSH, What is that”??? I wish you could have seen her jump up in that white granny gown and stick her head up to the screened window trying to see what was going on.. This early morning wake up call comes after Nikki trying to shut out the daylight that comes through the window, even at midnight.. So, you know the mood she was in…Are y’all feeling sorry for me yet??? Actually, she gets the journal updates about the same time you get them and takes the ribbing quite well.. Like two pack mules, we load up and go to the airport. The airport security guard followed us to the airplane and told us where the Flight Service Station and the fuel was. After about 15 minutes with us he said, (in an Inuit accent) I think you two are like that Thelma and Louise movie only in the air… What do you think he meant?? A guy from one of the hangars came over and told us that he recognized the airplane from TV the other night. He saw us on CNN, I think.. After another 15 minutes of talking with the local pilots, we took the plane to the fuel pumps. We met a couple of men in a Dash-8, that had just come back from Greenland and advised us to wait until tomorrow.. Numerous reasons… Wind, weather enrobe, and the $600 to open the airport on Sunday.. Iqaluit for another night sounded great… Nikki was really pleased because we have the best French waiter at the hotel.. She loves that accent. Me – I prefer Australian.. But I digress….. Nikki and I went to Canada and Alaska last year. If you know about the Lethbridge part of that trip, you will understand when I tell you that to my horror, as I was getting things together to go to FSS, I looked up and caught Nikki talking to 3 Canadian pilots, (one in the infamous blue jumpsuit that she loves).. Deja Vu, there I was again holding on to the tail of Mary Beth in a rain storm while Nikki talked to the Canadian pilot..But that’s another story in itself… But then, reality set in… What do I have to worry about. She’s been wearing that flight suit for 8 days straight.. Wait till they get downwind of her.. oops, I think that I laughed too loud, she’s waking up.. We parked Mary Beth on the North ramp and left her again for the night. The hotel gave us our old room, (this one has a stationary toilet).. So we left to see the sights of Iqaluit.. It is really great here..