Today, Nikki and I had to get up and go to Falcon Air so that we could do an interview with Boston CBS and with a radio station. Then we had to be in Boston at 12:30 to pick up Mikey Priest (our mechanic) and Jeremy Hubbell (my son and Mikey’s helper).. They will be traveling to some of our stops by commercial airlines and doing checks on the airplane. Then they will be riding in the Russian airplane through the Commemorative route. When they reach Nome, Alaska, they will go home to Tennessee. The ferry fuel tank is installed and all the paper work is done. Tomorrow, I have to test fly it and make sure that the tank will work correctly when I turn the main fuel tanks off. Nikki believes that she will better serve the flight on the ground. Isn’t she amazing??? Always thinking about the flight…(RIGHT !!!) We are watching the weather for our opportunity to fly into Canada. Looks like Thursday might be the time to head out. I hope that we are able to send you pictures as we go. We have our digital camera now. Be patient with us..We are still learning how to use it.