OK, Nikki is awake and helping me with this part of the journal. She is determined to watch me do this today, she says I have been bullying her. This morning it was time to leave the nest. We met with Mark Scott and Rick at Falcon Air. To our surprise we have received a surprising amount of press while we have been in North Andover, MA… Included in this was the Boston Glode, Fox TV, Boston CBS and others. We left there with cameras rolling at 10am. Stopped off in Bangor, Maine for a good Canadian Weather Briefing. Then we started towards Quebec. The weather in Sept-iles, according to the FSS,was 1,500′ scattered, 25.000′ overcast, visibility 30SM, GREAT… Yeah, right!!!!!…. This is where the Bully part comes in. When we came out of the clouds to find that we had been over a 100 miles stretch of water for the last 40 miles, Nikki had excepted the fact that she would come home a mute. I, thrilled at the sight of only water, throw open the window and rock the wings. While again, Nikki’s thoughts were, “Is it possible to be sucked out of the window of a moving plane.” At this time, I find it appropriate to lean the mixture…That’s when the term “You Bully” came up. After a crappy ILS approach (non-radar, French controllers) we landed in Sept-iles, Quebec. Nikki was automatically pleased with the embroidered coats that David Corlew gave us. She was COLD… We are having problems finding someone here with a Southern Accent. For some reason, French is the preferred language and no one understands our Southern English. Oh Well, What the Heck… We are off to eat and bed down on our feather pillows. (We passed up the Disco with the Cab Driver).